Francesca Marchisio CITY 2.0
Francesca Marchisio CITY 2.0
Francesca Marchisio CITY 2.0
Francesca Marchisio CITY 2.0

CITY 2.0

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Available Sizes: 38 IT , 40 IT , 42 IT , 44 IT , 46 IT

Sustainable Values

This item is made with organic cotton, which is a responsible alternative that unlike conventional cotton it is grown in pesticide-free environments, with sustainability in mind. Farmers, communities and nature do not have to expose themselves to harmful chemicals

Because this product is made with hemp and thus cannabis, the plant that hemp derives from, it requires low water usage to produce, benefitting the Earth and saving resources

Because this product contains organic silk and it is on Renoon, it is certified by GOTS to be organic, like all organic silk on Renoon's site, verifying that both the textile and supply chain have met the highest of standards. The silkworms are fed organic leaves, grown biodynamically without any type of contamination. This ensures silk is free of heavy metals, pesticides and chemical substances

Organic silk, the material this product is made with, requires low water usage in its production, benefitting the Earth by saving resources

All Francesca Marchisio collections are produced in Italy (Emilia and Marche)

This product contains organic silk, the responsible option to traditional silk, that allows the silkworm to fully develop and continue its life after leaving the cocoon behind. No animals are killed in the process

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