IVY OAK Leather Culotte
IVY OAK Leather Culotte
IVY OAK Leather Culotte
IVY OAK Leather Culotte

Leather Culotte

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Available Sizes: 34 , 36 , 38 , 40 , 42 , 44

Sustainable Values

This product is made with chrome-free leather, a responsible alternative that helps to keep our water unpolluted, as chrome and other substances can get into the local water supply, keeping the Earth healthier

The brand cares about fair working conditions and wages, workplace safety and transparency. They require partners to sign the corporate Code of Conduct, which defines social and environmental standards, such as the ILO core conventions, including minimum wages, overtimes or prevailing standards that ensure workers cover their basic needs with discretionary income. All new factories undergo assessments of their social and environmental practices prior to onboarding to ensure they fulfill IVY OAK's criteria. Once the brand works with a factory, they do regularly visit to build trusted relationships. They do audits, questionnaires and risk assessments and monitor suppliers’ performance to identify areas for improvement, set targets and collaborate to achieve common goals. IVY OAK is a member of Amfori, one of the world’s largest organizations that help companies manage responsible sourcing in their supply chain

The metal free leather is a more responsible choice when it comes to leather since it is treated without the use of heavy metals like chrome, aluminum and others. Better for the environment and the people who made your product

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