Pat Guzik Orange Scrunchie Relove Line

Pat Guzik Orange Scrunchie Relove Line

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Sustainable Values

This product is made with upcycled materials, meaning it's creation has transformed by-products, waste materials, useless, or unwanted products into something new, with better quality and higher environmental value

Pat Guzik designs, constructs and produces garments locally in Poland; using textiles by Polish manufacturers, in collaboration with local producers

Pat Guzik a vegan and certified fur free retailer, and partners with Polish NGO Otwarte Klatki to fight for animals rights and against fur farms

Pat Guzik believes in a circular closed economy. Because of this they use materials efficiently and help to eliminate textile waste by souring their textiles primarily from second hand garments, stocks textiles, productions leftovers. They also donate 3% of every purchase to Redress, pioneering Hong Kong based NGO working to reduce textile waste and promote environmental sustainability in the fashion industry