Rakha Organic Eva Skirt
Rakha Organic Eva Skirt
Rakha Organic Eva Skirt

Organic Eva Skirt

8053at Rakha
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Available Sizes: S , M , XS

Sustainable Values

Because this item has the GOTS certification, the production process used to create it uses less water than conventional cotton, preserving this scarce and precious resource for the future

This certified GOTS product is guaranteed to be treated without bleach, formaldehyde, or any other toxic substances and to be colored with nontoxic dyes

The organic certification by GOTS label ensures it contains at least 95% organic fibers and approved standards across the supply chain

This item is made with organic cotton, which is a responsible alternative that unlike conventional cotton it is grown in pesticide-free environments, with sustainability in mind. Farmers, communities and nature do not have to expose themselves to harmful chemicals

The GOTS certification also ensures ethical labor: this item has met requirements concerning working and social conditions that are equivalent to those of leading social sustainability standards based on the key norms of the International Labour Organisation (ILO), United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs) and Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. These are met in multiple steps in the value chain (all processors, manufacturers and traders that made this product)

Life Cycle Thinking, to Rakha, is the most important part of sustainability and is behind every piece of clothing they create. The materials Rakha uses are biodegradable or recycled natural fibers to keep things in the loop for longer and divert waste