Raven + Lily Liya Tote
Raven + Lily Liya Tote
Raven + Lily Liya Tote
Raven + Lily Liya Tote

Liya Tote

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Sustainable Values

This product contains recycled leather, which is made from leather obtained from left-over materials of various factories that would ordinarily go to waste. Buying this product gives discarded leather a new purpose, contributing to circular fashion, and helping to make the fashion industry better for our Earth

B Corporation certifies that the brand is part of a new kind of businesses, balancing purpose and profit. It measures the entire company’s environmental and social impact, ensuring the highest standards are met to support a positive climate transition

Raven + Lily is a Certified B Corporation and a member of the Fair Trade Federation since 2013, with more than ten years in business, which is recognized by consumers as a trusted mark of dedication to fair trade practices. They offer everyone living wages, zero-tolerance for discrimination and harassment, and a respectful workplace, whether they are employed directly by the company or their artisan partners

Because this product is made with recycled leather, it offers only leather from post consumer or post industrial goods, with no new animal input

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