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This brand's entire ethos is greenwashing. Many of Boohoo's garment workers working for pennies under poor conditions, have still not been paid since covid for their labour. Boohoo is fast fashion with no care for high quality materials, environmental impact or social justice for their garment workers. Their business is pollutive, using vast amounts of natural resources to make clothes of exceptionally poor quality. There is no way this brand could even begin to describe itself as environmentally conscious or sustainable. It is entirely greenwashing.
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Anna Santino
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I ordered from the recycled range to see if Boohoo could prove my already super low opinion of them wrong. Surely given how high profile the announcement of a Kardashian on staff as a sustainability ambassador must mean they've given it everything they've got to improve? Wrong. Everything about the brand and that line still feels anti-sustainability. Vast quantities of choice, lots of man-made materials which feel very cheap (the sizing on dress was tiny), no transparent info about the source of the textiles or who made the clothing, encouraging purchasing in volume, excessive plastic packaging in the delivery et etc. The brand is proving, once again that a 'sustainability collection' doesn't make a brand sustainable. The brand is about as eco-conscious as the Kardashians themselves. Such a weird move.
1 reviews
I almost gave 5 for the commitment to paying big ambassador celebrities who are definitely not known for sustainability

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