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SANVT Reviews

Thomas Samaras
1 reviews
I am totally inspired and love this company, the quality and the transparency. Customer service at the highest level, one of my favourite brands. We love Sanvt 💙
1 reviews
These are one of those rare brands that are at the top of the list in terms of sustainability. They share the factories they work with openly on their website (big plus), they produce high quality stuff that will last - not like cheap fast fashion brands, and to me, as someone who is very weary with fashion brands, they're trustworthy!!
Michael JW
1 reviews
I've worn SANVT's clothing for a few years now and swear by it. Just an great overall mix of sustainability, quality, longevity, and fit. What you want from a progressive clothing brand that's the opposite of fast fashion.
1 reviews
I have bought several t-shirts and a hoodie from sanvt. The quality of the material is excellent also after washing several times. The size finder worked well for me, too. Quick ordering and delivery.
1 reviews
Die Materialqualität ist perfekt. Auch nach häufigem Waschen bleibt Farbe und Passform erhalten.
1 reviews
Absolutely great value for money. Very high quality processed material, even after years of wearing the colors remain in the clothes. The items are super combinable with each other.
1 reviews
Mi marca de básicos preferida calidad-precio
1 reviews
I discovered thus new Brand recently. Really great clothes that are far better you usually get for absolut fair prices. I Like their commitment to sustainability and fair production
1 reviews
1 reviews
Sanvt makes very high qualitativ pieces. For me the Perfect Basics for every Day. 😍
1 reviews
SANVT makes great high quality products that are easy to combine thanks to their minimalist design. I love wearing their essentials as they are super comfortable 🫶🏼!
2 reviews
Purchased a few basics the other day - loving the quality and material so far. Being able to choose between different lengths made my life so much easier! Design of the packaging is very aesthetic but they do with less paper if you ask me..
1 reviews
I'm a very picky person, so it's difficult to find pants that fit properly.   I purchased the chinos and they fit me perfectly. I am 175 cm and weigh 67kg. Well-made, gorgeous to look at, a little pricey, but worth it.
1 reviews
Quick delivery! The T-shirt is well-made and fits the body perfectly. The heavy fabric has a nice feel and is comfortable even on long days. I'm very happy with it and will probably buy it again.
1 reviews
Great experience! T-Shirts & jumper are very high quality and still in great shape after heavy usage. Shipping was quick and easy - can only recommend! :)
1 reviews
Very nice quality!
1 reviews
Nice clothing, feels really comfortable and cozy. Deleivery was fast and uncomplicated. Would buy again and can recommend.
5 reviews
2 reviews
My go-to-brand for basics. Love the quality.
1 reviews

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