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Artknit Studios embraces the rejection of the traditional cycle of fashion that promotes discounts and overconsumption. All the items are not designed as a new seasonal collection and part of one single collection designed to solve the all-year-long problem of “I-don’t-know-what-to-wear”, even if our wardrobes are already full

Artknit Studios' items were designed following the principle of enduring styles that remain relevant over time, disregarding seasonal collections & focusing only on the creation of elevated products. By providing a repair and care service, the company is also actively supporting the timeless use of its products

Artknit Studios clothing is designed to be recyclable and biodegradable thanks to their mono-materiality. The company offers sample sales and archive sales to make good use of deadstock styles. These choices are a very good start for a collection that is closing the loop of circularity

The best artisans in Italy are hand-picked to take care of your Artknit Studios' order and personally craft your knits. You can check which artisans have been involved in the production of their collection from the product map on their website

Artknit Studios is a small company founded by professionals from different industries to build things from a different perspective, with the motto: Buy less, Buy better

Artknit Studios items are 100% made in Europe or even Italy from manufacturing until the finished product. You can map the entire journey of each garment in the map section on their website. This helps reduce distances and CO2 emissions that would otherwise derive from shipping the various components

Along the different companies taking part in the production of their items, there are standards applied to ensure the respect of safe and healthy working conditions for people, precisely explained in Artknit Studios' Code of Conduct

Through the initiative Cotton For Life, the Egyptian cotton used in some of their products supports an integrated plan of social activities aligned with the SDG Goals of United Nations. Activities include educating 1500+ farmers, 200+ students and 400+ women in Egypt regarding sustainable agriculture and production practices

Currently, they have an XS to XXL size range for the Made to order Products. They are extending our size range for the ''permanent collection'' dropping in September 2023

Artknit Studios has applied to become a B-Corp company starting in 2023, and in addition to that, they measure their carbon emissions through their partnership with DCycle. The company's overall efforts are concrete proof of its commitment to supporting climate transition

Utilizing packaging options that are responsibly sourced and disposable either in organic ways or fully recyclable. The mailer box is made with at least 60% recycled material and it is made in Europe. The bio bag is made of starch resin and manufactured in Europe

The materials of their products meet high animal welfare standards that indicate that animals have been treated correctly with no harm. The wool of their products is “Mulesing free”: it comes from an animal that has not undergone the practice of mulesing, which involves the removal of a part of the skin and sometimes also of the tail itself, especially in Merino sheep. This is done to prevent spread of infections, but it can hurt the animal. For some items, the SustainaWOOL Integrity Scheme provides high standards within the wool production system in Australia and integrity and traceability along the whole supply chain, by covering 6 key pillars: health and wellbeing of sheeps, farm stewardship practices, quality of the wool and clip preparation, social responsibility and traceability. Cardiff goats The brand has a declaration that the supplier of cashmere, puts a lot of resources into the education of herdsmen towards the respect of animals' welfare. They visit their farms in China and Mongolia twice a year to inspect how the animals are kept and treated, as they only trade fibers that are grown according to ethical standards

Born in 2018, the Italian brand seeks to leverage digital technology to deliver long-lasting, premium quality Italian wool apparel. Their motto is - Buy less, Buy better, delivering luxury products at their true cost

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Born in 2018, the Italian brand seeks to leverage digital technology to deliver long-lasting, premium quality Italian wool apparel. Their motto is - Buy less, Buy better, delivering luxury products at their true cost