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All of their production is based in Portugal. Portugal is the country of origin of the CEO and it faces difficulties in recycling waste and meeting European quotas for such matters. They aim to make a difference in the communities, for this reason, they choose to produce in Portugal and use local waste as the main source of materials for production

Garbags is a company based and registered in Portugal, in accordance with Portuguese Law. Their employees are paid accordingly, with flexible schedules

Garbags has partnered with Prisão de Tires, which is a prison for female inmates. They were part of the production of Garbags products, receiving payment for their work. They also partnered with APAV - Associação Portuguesa de Apoio à Vítima, an association that provides shelter and legal advice to victims of crimes, in making merchandise for its store

All Gargbags products are handmade in Portugal by local seamstresses using specific techniques to upcycle discarded materials. Their technique has been developed and improved for over a decade, and they aim to keep evolving

Garbags creates its own eco-packaging by upcycling publicity banners that have some kind of defect, preventing their usage in backpacks or bags, and old magazines, and newspapers, to make smaller envelopes

Garbags main focus is upcycling packages, but they also use publicity banners and inner tubes to make their products. The zippers, velcro, and elastics are new to assure quality and durability

None of Garbags products contain animal-derived materials

Since Gargbags produces their own products locally, they produce as much as needed and only when it's needed, to avoid waste materials

The materials they use are made to hold at least 2kg of an edible goods such as coffee or pet food. This means they are very resistant materials to produce everyday-use items such as wallets and bags

Portugal-based handmade production of everyday use items such as bags, wallets and notebooks, made exclusively with upcycled materials. Garbags upcycles non-recyclable used packages, inner tubes, and publicity banners into bags and other useful accessories. They strive to inspire people and companies to think about the waste we create in everyday life and start seeing it in a different light

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