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The Five studio is a woman run company. The founder and creative director Nicoline Huizenga so supporting the company supports her work

The Five Studio is a small company created by Nicoline Huizenga in 2018

All Five Studio pieces are designed and handcrafted in Amsterdam

The Five Studio works on a pre-order basis so that they can predict their customers needs and reduce waste

The Five Studio signature pieces are subtly refined and tweaked over time, instead of completely reinventing their wardrobe every season. Their pieces aim to become cherished wardrobe fundamentals that are worn year round: enduring garments made to last you a lifetime

Dutch brand established in 2018 by Nicoline Huizenga. Starting out with five signature styles, The Five Studio provides you with effortless and timeless wardrobe staples designed and handcrafted in Amsterdam. They believe in fair wages, healthy workplaces and having a minimal impact on our planet. At every level of production they strive to be exceptional & honest. They don’t subscribe to fleeting fashions, they live and breathe eternal style

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2018 saw the launch of this Dutch brand by Nicoline Huizenga. The Five Studio offers effortless and classic wardrobe essentials that are developed and manufactured in Amsterdam, starting with five distinctive styles. They support having a small environmental impact, fair pay, and healthy workplaces. They work hard to be unique and sincere at every stage of production. They don't follow passing trends; instead, they are obsessed with timeless fashion. Find The Five Studio’s items on Renoon and discover similar brands, like Thinking MU, Filippa K, Pangaia. Choose your most-wanted styles, materials and values in your Renoon profile, save your searches and come back to it anytime. Be it via our App or website, you can always check for new products, search beyond your preferences or just enjoy the selections we prepare for you. Would you like to read more about Sustainable fashion and the latest trends? Don't miss out on our Blog, with dozens of articles on how to care for sustainable clothing, style suggestions and personal experiences from other sustainable fashionistas like you. Are you Interested in Shopping responsible items? Then you might also be interested in our selection of Vegan Clothing Brands, Cheap Sustainable Brands, and of Women Organic Clothing. You might also wonder: Is The Five Studio good? You can check out people’s reviews on The Five Studio on the Renoon App. Who founded The Five Studio? The Five Studio was found by Nicoline Huizenga.