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Loved how their circular ♻️ tee is so detailed on where it comes from! It even has a qr code you can scan to check the journey

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The Slow Label aims to slow down the fast-paced fashion industry by approaching things with an honest and improvement-oriented mindset, advocating for more conscious consumerism

The Slow Labels collections consist of garments that are timeless and versatile — two key factors in making clothing more sustainable and creating long-lasting positive change. They hope you wear their products over and over again, cherishing what you already have and styling their pieces for a variety of occasions

The Slow Label shares the true cost of their garments, including their material and labor costs, logistics expenses, and donations, along with their added markup, which then determines the final retail price. Transparent pricing helps show you where the money is actually going so you can determine whether it is fair and whether you want to invest in the item or not

The artisans and manufacturers The Slow Label works with are the foundation of their business. They value the close relationship they have with their production teams around Europe and Morocco. They currently have a carefully selected network of manufacturers and suppliers in Germany, Austria, Lithuania, Poland, and Slovakia. They disclose their supply chains on their product pages and seek to visit each manufacturer they work with at least once a year, ensuring their ethical labor practices

Sustainable fashion activist Anna-Laura Kummer is the founder and creative director of The Slow Label. Their small team also includes Renate, their customer experience manager, and Nicole, their content and community manager

The Slow Label is a german brand founded by sustainable fashion activist Anna-Laura Kummer. The Slow Label believes getting dressed is a daily ritual — but buying clothes shouldn’t be, advocating for more conscious consumerism. The brand aims to create cherished wardrobe pieces that act as a curation of your identity

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Anna-Laura Kummer, a proponent of sustainable fashion, launched the german company The Slow Label. The Slow Label promotes more mindful consumption and contends that while getting dressed is a regular habit, purchasing clothing shouldn't be. The company wants to make cherished clothing items that serve as a collection of your personality. Find The Slow Label’items on Renoon and check out similar brands, like Thinking MU, Kotn, Bamboo Basics. Choose your most-wanted styles, materials and values in your Renoon profile, save your searches and come back to it anytime. Be it via our App or website, you can always check for new products, search beyond your preferences or just enjoy the selections we prepare for you. Would you like to read more about Sustainable fashion and the latest trends? Don't miss out on our Blog, with dozens of articles on how to care for sustainable clothing, style suggestions and personal experiences from other sustainable fashionistas like you. Are you Interested in Shopping responsible items? Then you might also be interested in our selection of Vegan Clothing Brands, Sustainable Clothing Brands, and of Ethical Fashion Brands in the UK. You might also wonder: Is the Slow Label good quality? You can check out The Slow Label’s reviews from other users on the App! Who funded The Slow Label? Anna-Laura Kummer is The Slow Label’s Founder